Grant Writing Consultant


Patrice Shumate has been serving the nonprofit community since 2005 and has been doing independent consulting work since 2016. Her passion is creating space where small nonprofits have the support they need to navigate a complex philanthropic system. She works to build confidence and intention in how nonprofit leaders approach grant funding strategies.

​Patrice accomplishes her goals through the relationships she builds with nonprofit leaders and the progress they make together. Some examples of accomplishments are: designing tailored processes including grant-readiness programs, finding clarity and designing foundational pillars (i.e. community needs research, evaluation, program design, budget, community needs assessments, etc.), and connecting folks to helpful tools and resources.

​Patrice has a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Advocacy and Administration and has grant experience in the areas of education, human services, and community development. She believes that increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofit spaces will change the world and is finding ways to leverage privilege to get more underrepresented communities in the door.


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