Operations and Success Manager


Meg Hagan has 13 years in the nonprofit industry. Her career’s first five years were in events, volunteer management, and program design and facilitation. In 2015 she began her career as a grant writer, and in 2018 received her Grant Professional Credential. The majority of her grant writing career has been focused on corporate, family, and community foundations in the areas of affordable housing, youth development, and homelessness.​

Meg is passionate about the data, research, internal processes, and infrastructure that result in a long-term successful fundraising program for nonprofits. She most enjoys the strategy work associated with fundraising, building out and developing fundraising-related processes, developing prospect pipelines, database builds, and the relationship-building components of grants, all of which lead to a robust prospect pipeline and fundraising submissions.

It is this passion that led her to Fox Advancement. In her current role, she is able to leverage her experience as a grant writer to help coordinate strategy and procedures across the firm to standardize deliverables while also taking a careful eye to meeting the unique needs of each client. She also enjoys applying her Masters of Business Administration to contribute to Fox Advancemnt’s internal business processes.

Her favorite thing about the fundraising profession has always been that it requires an ongoing commitment to learning. Her current role continues to allow for that. The remarkable team of employees and consultants Meg works with allows for continued comradery in the grant community and allows her to pursue her passion for contributing to the greater good of a community from behind the scenes.

Meg resides in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been an active member of the Grant Professional Association for several years.


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