Grant Writing Consultant

Loretta Gunder

Loretta has been working with nonprofit organizations of all kinds for over 10 years. 

She has experience in facilitating educational outreach events, supporting fundraising activities, and managing grant research projects. Her clients have ranged from animal rescue and nature conservation groups to educational, healthcare, and coastal management nonprofits. With 15 years of work experience in pharmaceutical services and retail operations, Loretta has the ability to tackle all different types of projects. Her educational background is in Environmental Policy and Sustainability. She is passionate about improving local communities through a targeted approach toward increasing a nonprofit’s outreach. Loretta loves to partner with companies pursuing educational equity, sustainable biotechnology, animal welfare organizations, ecological conservation, and coastal revitalization projects. She works with her clients to increase funding, outreach, and impact how organizations use their resources for the health of their people and the planet. 


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