Inspiration from Ceiba Coaching and Consulting

Ceiba Coaching and Consulting’s mission is to help leaders and teams elevate their results by keeping feet planted on the ground….with eyes to the sky…and a fire in the belly.

Krista Porvaznik, CEO, founder, and executive coach at Ceiba Coaching and Consulting, and her team understand how the business and nonprofit world work and believe it is critical to align the leader, the team, the strategy, the work, and the culture in order to get transformative results.

Ceiba inspires leaders and teams to dream big about the results they want to create and build bridges from where they are now to where they want to go – serving as catalysts for individual, organizational, strategic, and cultural change and growth.


DON’T MISS OUT : Krista and her team are currently calling all nonprofit leaders who are feeling burn out and are ready for a reset! Create Space to Elevate: Cultivate your inner resources and resilience at Potter’s Farm September 9-12, 2021. Register here:



Meaning behind Ceiba.

The tree of life is a common symbol in many cultures. The ceiba tree in particular, is the most sacred tree to ancient Maya, serving as the symbol of the universe. Its roots reach deep below the earth, nourishing and sustaining its life force. Its unique trunk is ever growing and changing. Its canopy of branches arch high in the sky, always reaching for the light of possibility. The work Ceiba and clients do together is symbolized by the ceiba tree: feet on the ground, eyes to the sky, fire in the belly.


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