Growth Energy’s Critical Role Within The Biofuel Industry

Written by Reagan Lynch

“Growth Energy is without a doubt a tremendous asset to the biofuel industry.” This comment was made by Jason and Susan Liter, owners of Liter’s VP, LLC, after they received a grant under the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Growth Energy is the nation’s leading biofuel trade association. Representing over 100 producers and supporters of biofuels, Growth Energy works to give consumers choices at the pump, improve the environment for future generations, and grow the American economy. In 2018, the biofuels industry contributed $46 billion to America’s GDP, purchased over $23 billion worth of corn from farmers in the United States, and supported more than 366,000 American jobs.

In the summer of 2020, Growth Energy worked with six grant professionals from Fox Advancement to help fuel retailers secure over $15 million in grant funding to increase the availability of E15 fuel at gas stations across the country. “What consumers have told us, is that they are interested in E15 because it enhances the performance of their car,” said Mike O’Brien, Vice President of Market Development for Growth Energy, when he spoke on the Driving Ethanol podcast.

Today, Growth Energy is working to strengthen E15 and enlists its members to advocate for biofuel at the state and national levels. Growth Energy works with agency officials to improve E15 branding and has a partnership with GasBuddy to promote E15 directly to consumers.




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