Fundraising Five with Linda Garrett-Johnson

Describe your role with Fox Advancement. What energizes you about your work with the firm?

While my title is that of Grant Writer, I see myself as someone who not only researches, develops, and crafts grant proposals, but one who uses my organizational development and process improvement skills to identify areas within each client organization to improve their effectiveness.

What have you enjoyed most about working with Fox Advancement?

At Fox Advancement you are part of a team of people who care deeply about their clients, the people their clients serve, the broader community, and each other. I’ve experienced this firsthand, both personally and professionally.

What is an example of a fundraising challenge that you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging is having a client who is not organized and does not provide the information you need about the organization (and its programs) so you can prepare the best proposal. It’s an organization that has programs on paper, but not in reality that is another challenge. It’s at that moment you realize the organization needs consulting on organization effectiveness and program development before a good proposal can be written. In these situations, I shift focus to more of an organization development consultative versus a grant writer role, with a desire to identify areas of improvement that are needed to build organizational strength.

What is a particularly memorable interaction you’ve had with a client?

One interaction that I remember is working with a client that is organized, whose programs are strong, and whose leadership is visionary. It was such a pleasure working with this client, because you are not only providing them a service, but you are also learning something from them about what it takes to successfully run a nonprofit organization.

On a personal note: Describe your perfect day from beginning to end!

My perfect day has changed over time. But it is one where I am balanced in the time I spend with family and work. It includes lots of snuggles from my fur baby, hugs from my grandkids, enjoying the sunshine, eating good food ~ and doing good work on behalf of my clients that helps ensure their success.


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