Fundraising Five with Cheryl Pray

Describe your role with Fox Advancement. What energizes you about your work with the firm?

After working in the nonprofit sector in senior leadership positions for over 20 years, my professional goal has been to work as a partner with nonprofit organizations to help them reach their full potential in serving the community and their constituents. Fox Advancement’s philosophy is exactly that … we walk alongside an organization as a partner to help them achieve their greatest potential. We are a team that works together for the greater good and I am extremely humbled to work with such talented, caring, and thoughtful colleagues.

What have you enjoyed most about working with Fox Advancement?

Kevin Fox and the senior leadership team have created a culture that has the highest ethical standards. The culture is inspiring, collegial, and mission driven. Above all else, as we work alongside a client, we create a trusting relationship that ensures the client is pleased with the services we deliver.

What is an example of a fundraising challenge that you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

Working with a nonprofit Board of Directors can be challenging if there isn’t a culture of philanthropy within the organization. When I experienced this with an organization, I arranged for members of the community that had been served by our organization to speak to the Board, so they heard first-hand what a difference this organization made in their lives. It was impactful for the Board to hear why philanthropy is so important and it energized them to become stronger ambassadors for the organization and contribute at a more significant level.

What is a particularly memorable interaction you’ve had with a client?

I was the consultant for a nonprofit Thrift Store. As I walked through the store before the staff arrived, I spoke to an individual that was shopping with his young daughter. He shared that this is where they shop for household items, clothes, and toys since it fits within their budget. As I was speaking with the father, the young girl ran up to him and asked if she could have a doll that was for sale. Her face beamed when he put the doll in the cart. That’s what brings me the greatest joy in working with Fox Advancement. I see firsthand the impact we have in working as a partner with our clients.

On a personal note: Describe your perfect day from beginning to end!

It’s not 100 degrees and humid. Nor is it 20 below. It is 72 degrees and sunny which is a perfect day for a walk around Como Lake with my little dog, Bentley.


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