Five Regional Nonprofits Are Stepping Up to Tackle Food Insecurity

Written by Erika Schwichtenberg

Minnesotans made nearly four million visits to food shelves in 2020, a record high during an unprecedented year.

If Minnesota food shelves were open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, more than seven people would visit a food shelf every minute.

Five hunger partners from Ramsey, Wright, Anoka, Dakota, and Steele counties are

meeting food insecurity in their communities head-on. They have come together to form a hunger coalition to approach the Minnesota legislature for $7.3 million in infrastructure support to meet the needs of their community members facing hunger.

They have all seen a spike in food shelf usage in their regions, along with meal delivery services for homebound seniors and adults with disabilities. These hunger relief providers plan to expand their footprints to meet these demands. Fox Advancement has been working closely with Keystone Community Services as well as Southern Anoka Community Assistance (SACA) for the past two years and is helping to advance the coalition partners’ case. In addition to Keystone and SACA, coalition partners include 360 Communities, Wright County Community Action, and Community Pathways of Steele County.

The Hunger Bill will move through the House and Senate, appealing to elected officials across the state to support these critical hunger initiatives. Whether it’s adding square footage to increase food shelf accessibility, deploying more food delivery vehicles and adding routes, or preserving fresh produce for consumption over the winter months, these food distribution and crisis service nonprofit organizations know that unfortunately, the need for their services is growing rapidly. They are working together to provide solutions to hunger across the state.

Data Source: Hunger Solutions –


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