• You’ve identified compelling fundraising goals–now it’s time to test them with your stakeholders.
  • A feasibility study is an essential step in the path to success for any campaign or major fundraising initiative. It allows you to have strategic conversations with your top individual donor and institutional funder prospects, gaining vital input from them about your proposed goals. The feasibility study is the ultimate risk management tool as it vets your vision with key stakeholders and begins to identify who will provide support to your campaign.
  • We aim to identify 35% of your fundraising goal during the feasibility study. In-depth study interviews also provide an opportunity to uncover planned gifts, identify employer matching opportunities, explore campaign leadership candidates, and access other vital information that will refine your case for support. Ultimately, the feasibility study allows you to confidently move forward with a fundraising goal that is informed by stakeholders. We offer free consultations at: (612) 255-7087.


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