Your organization is ready for a major fundraising effort, but you have several needs–a new building, programmatic growth, and increased staff capacity. You’ll need to increase your annual fund to support your bolstered operations after your fundraising campaign is complete. The solution? A comprehensive campaign approach.

A comprehensive campaign combines special fundraising efforts for capital, programs, and staff with an annual fund strategy. Organizations make one ask of their donors that combines the special gift with the annual gift. The benefits of this approach are clear: a streamlined case that points toward long-term sustainability, one ask for your donors rather than multiple approaches, and an annual fund that grows over the campaign period to support scaled operations.

Fox Advancement is here to help you execute a successful comprehensive campaign. We specialize in coaching organizational leadership, board members, and volunteers to approach donors for comprehensive campaign support. We’ll guide you along the campaign path with customized strategies and realistic techniques to help you achieve your goals. We offer free consultations at: (612) 255-7087.


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