Storytelling is critical to success in fundraising. As you prepare for a major fundraising effort, your organization’s case for support is a road map for donors. It explains what you do, why it matters, and the reasons you need and deserve support. It provides a concise, authentic, and persuasive argument for the emotional and practical reasons to support a specific project.

​Bringing your story to life requires feedback from those closest to your organization–your leadership, staff, board members, and top donors. Fox Advancement will facilitate an interview process to gather examples of impact across your stakeholders. Our team of philanthropic storytellers will translate these interviews into a compelling story that resonates with individual donors, corporations, and foundations. The final product is a polished, visually appealing document that serves a variety of purposes. Whether the case is sent before a donor meeting to provide context to your project, referenced in person over coffee, or used as a leave-behind for interested supporters, you will get incredible mileage from a well-written case. We offer free consultations at: (612) 255-7087.


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