Vision Impact Alignment

VIATo successfully raise funds to sustain a nonprofit organization long term, organizations must find a way to meaningfully share their value and impact with stakeholders. Articulating the value of your organization through specific community impact goals and objectives allows you to align your efforts with the community interests and investments of corporations, foundations, individual donors, partners and other community stakeholders.

At Fox Advancement, we engage with organizations in a highly collaborative process that uses our Vision Impact Alignment approach as an opportunity to strengthen coalitions, deepen partnerships, and cultivate relationships. Through the Vision Impact Alignment process, Fox Advancement will work with you to:

Define an overarching community impact goal and impact-specific objectives by which to align funders and community partners.

Build a strong leadership team to support Vision Impact Alignment development activities.

Update your organization’s case for support to articulate the value and impact of your organization to partners, funders and the community.

Cultivate new impact partners tied to specific investment areas and measurable objectives.

Develop a comprehensive communications plan to best deliver your message.

What Sets Us Apart:

Fox Advancement’s use of the Vision Impact Alignment process results in an implementation plan tied to specific recommendations that align your impact with the interests of businesses, foundations, individual donors, volunteers and key stakeholders to accomplish specific, measurable, multi-year outcomes in the community. This unique approach allows you to better articulate the value of your organization and align that value with funders and partners, creating a platform for the greatest community impact possible.