Case Study: HealthFinders Collaborative, Inc.


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Since 2005, HealthFinders Collaborative is a comprehensive and individualized access point to health and wellness opportunities for residents of Rice County, MN. They provide primary care services to address immediate and ongoing needs and patient advocacy programs to connect patients with long-term resources.

The Challenge

HealthFinders Collaborative recognized the need to expand its programs and address additional community health needs. As a volunteer-based organization, HealthFinders Collaborative needed the plan and the expertise to build and sustain fundraising programs to achieve its strategic plan.

The Answer

After aligning the resource development plan to fund HealthFinder’s strategic plan, Fox Advancement added the capacity and expertise necessary to execute the plan and secure increased funding.

The Result

HealthFinders Collaborative added systems, volunteer resources and a second health care facility to improve the health and wellness of a greater number of low-income individuals in its service area.

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