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Fox FLASH: June 30, 2016

Fundraising News and Insight from Across the Sector

Steve Chase, Chair of the Case Foundation, on the Third Wave of Philanthropy and the Social Sector 
Philanthropy New Digest interviews Steve Chase on the current philanthropic landscape and the current trends that will shape the future of the sector. He comments on the changes taking place in: community impact investing, the philosophy of business and the rise of Benefit Corporations, and the importance of cross-sector collaboration. There is also talk of AOL Free Trial discs.

Design Thinking and the Jay and Rose Phillips Foundation
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The most important step in the design thinking process is empathy. Design thinkers need to slow down long enough to get in touch with the end user’s experience. Then, engage them in solution building. This can be done through interviews, observation, immersion or exploration that allows for new opportunities to gather data and insights about the end-user’s behavior and what they value.
Only after this humble inquiry can one truly begin to generate a hypothesis of what the end user might need. This leads to the second and crucial step in design thinking which involves re-defining the challenge with new information and possibility. The goal: Define the right problem to be solved that invites creative solutions. It’s about problem-framing first and foremost, not solution-finding.

Attend the 2016 Nonprofit Fundraising Conference on July 21 
The second annual Minnesota Nonprofit Fundraising Conference is designed for the entire philanthropic community. Whether you’re a volunteer or an executive director, a grantwriter or a grantmaker, an experienced development director or a new program manager – you’ll find valuable learning and networking at this conference. All individuals who participate or are looking to better understand the grand task of philanthropy are encouraged to attend.

Funding Opportunity of the Week

The Union Pacific Foundation: Community Based Grant Program
Upcoming Deadline: 8/14/16 (online only)

Union Pacific is accepting proposals through its Community Based Grant Program from nonprofits in the railroad company’s service area, which includes south central and northeast Minnesota, as well as the Twin Cities. The Foundation has a strong interest in promoting program effectiveness among nonprofits. To that end, the Foundation will dedicate the majority of grants to help nonprofit organizations build their capacity by helping new or existing programs reach more people or reach them more effectively.

The Foundation priorities include:

Community and Civic: To assist community-based organizations and related activities that improve and enrich the general quality of life in the community.

Health and Human Services: To assist organizations dedicated to improving the level of health care and providing human services in the community. Local affiliates of national health organizations may apply for local programs only, but not for general operating support.

The Foundation usually provides some level of support for around 50% of applicants.

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